What's new in Bonarka

Extention of gift cards due date

Do you have our gift card, which is valid until May?
In connection with the current situation, you will be able to use the transfer of funds to a new card (without charging a fee)!
All you need is your application sent to e-mail: karty@city.com.pl.

Salomon brand store has been open

Salomon Brand Store is a place where you can get to know the latest collection of the brand - clothing, footwear, winter equipment and accessories, buy exclusive products - including the S / LAB collection, as well as take advantage of specialist advice and exceptional promotions.
Now Salomon products can be purchased directly at the Bonarka showroom on level 1 between Outhorn and Notino shops.


Bonarka has been supporting the Cracow Health Service in the fight against coronavirus with great commitment for over 2 months. The Shopping Center donated a total of thousands of masks, several hundreds of helmets, protective suits, disinfectant fluid, as well as packages with drinks and healthy food for medical staff to 5 hospitals and the Ambulance Service in Krakow.

Opening of the Kiehl’s showroom

Kiehl’s is a brand with pharmacy roots (it was founded almost 170 years ago in NYC and was originally a pharmacy) The boutique offers face, body and hair care products as well as products for men and children. On the occasion of the opening for Bonarka customers for every purchase as a gift the iconic Ultimate Strength Hand Salve hand cream 30 ml will be given.

Opening of the PINKO store

On Saturday, May 30th, opening of the PINKO store in a new arrangement will take place. The design of the boutique refers to the new concept of Pinko flagship showrooms in the most important fashion capitals such as Milan, London, Paris, New York, Prague, Tokyo. Glass, metal and light wood were used to refurbish the store on the two times bigger surface.

Further steps in the fight against coronavirus are taken

Remember that from April 1st:
- underaged may stay in the Bonarka Shopping Center only under the supervision of an adult,
- everyday from 10 AM to 12 AM only people aged 65 and over can do shopping,
- when shopping, you must wear disposable gloves,
- there can be a maximum 3 people for one cashpoint in one store,


Fashion novelties have appeared,
Trends have flourished,
You can hear the style tweet.
Visit Bonarka - NEW FASHION PRĄDNIK, where spring greets with a multitude of collections, a bouquet of discounts and a wreath of bargains

Spring edition of the Bonarka magazine

The "Bonarka" magazine is now available. You will find it all over Krakow and in the online edition. The theme of this edition is a relationship between Krakow and Japan. How the Manggha Museum was created? And what contribution did Andrzej Wajda have to this undertaking?
On the cover: Małgosia Kożuchowska in a traditional Japanese outfit. Besides that: fashion patterns and trends inspired by the Land of the Blossoming Cherry.

read on-line
Cinema City Cinema is closed until further notice

Due to the decision of the Polish Government to temporarily suspend the operations of a cultural institution, Cinema City Poland will be closed from Thursday, March 12, 2020, until further notice.

Purchased tickets can be returned via the Customer Service Office at: bok@cinema-city.pl.

Plastic is not fantastic. Bonarka launches an educational project

In our center, we implement the educational project "Don't be plastic", which is part of the strategy of socially responsible business.
The basic assumption of the "Do not be plastic" project is education by increasing awareness of the dangers arising from the non-reflective use of plastic packaging (in particular made of non-biodegradable materials).

ECO-box in Bonarka

The appearing of the ECO-BOX in Bonarka is part of a wider educational campaign organized by MPO Krakow, which is to sensitize for the proper utilization of the so called problem waste - electro-waste and medical waste. Thanks to it, the center's customers will get rid of unwanted items in an environmentally safe way.
You can throw various types of electrowaste into the ECO BOX, including batteries, CDs and DVDs, light bulbs, cables and small electronics.

Join the SEZAM loyalty program!

Now, when shopping at Bonarka, you can collect points and exchange them for prizes!
At the start you get 100 points.
Download the SEZAM application, create an account, scan the receipt and exchange points for prizes.

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Create a Bonarka loyalty card in the Goodie app.

Do you want to have access to the best opportunities ?
All you need to do is to create a Bonarka Card in the Goodie app.
In the free of charge application you will find promotions and discount coupons for shops and restaurants available in the Bonarka shopping center.

Reorganization of the square by the fountain

Currently, modernization works are underway in the square by the fountain. For the safety of customers, this place has been fenced. The ongoing works do not affect the operations of the shops, restaurants and cinema. All shops around the square (levels 0 and 1) are open and operate in the same mode.
Feel free to pay a visit!

About us

About us

The Bonarka City Center was opened on 21 November 2009 as the “new urban centre”. BCC is a contemporary interpretation of the streets and marketplaces network. The building was constructed from high-quality natural materials (stone, wood, glass). The selection of materials used on the façade and elevation reflects the industrial past of the area and refers to a traditional metropolitan shopping arcade present in the building development of Polish cities at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.


The glass surfaces that cover the complex have been designed to let through as much natural light as possible. Skylights framed by brick walls make the interiors look as if bathed in light. The unusual design is also highlighted by golden and almost white granite on the floor that gives passageways and streets additional warmth.


The square with a unique fountain is the most characteristic place in the whole Bonarka centre. There are three huge pavilions which feature cosy coffee and cake shops designed as a combination of beams and arched pillars made from glued timber located in the main passageways. Wooden bridges bring different spaces together while glass and metal balustrades create typical urban atmosphere.


Basic figures:

  • Commercial space: over 92,000 sq.m;
  • Total space: 234,000 sq.m.;
  • 230 brands, including main tenants: Auchan, Cinema City, Media Expert, TK MAXX;
  • Over 30 restaurants and coffee shops;
  • 3,200 free parking spots;


Bonarka is a unique place in the Kraków’s landscape. It is a part of Podgórze, a historic district situated on the southern bank of the Vistula River. Since the end of the 19th century it had been the site of the Cement Factory. In 1948, using some of the old machinery, the Bonarka National Phosphates Factory was founded here. Later its name was changed to the Bonarka Chemical Factory. It was finally shut down in 2003.


Years of negligence, overexploitation and lack of care resulted in the destruction of the Bonarka’s premises. Its thorough recultivation was necessary to create a people-friendly urban development. It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, recultivation project of a former industrial plant in Poland. BCC is an example of comprehensive operations on three different levels (ecology, infrastructure and social function) fully funded by the investor.


Preparation of the premises included:


  • Recultivating the industrial site of the former Bonarka Chemical Factory, which consisted of demolition works (55,000 m³), removing sedimentation tanks filled with waste (calcium fluoride, ca. 210,000 tons), removing hot spots and levelling works. The investor’s expenditure was 11.6 million EUR.
  • Rebuilding and expanding the water and sewage system, the drainage system as well as the heating and gas system around the centre. The cost amounted to more than 300,000 EUR.
  • Rebuilding and expanding the transport system around the centre connected with the city road infrastructure, which significantly facilitated smooth and easy access to the whole complex as well as connected and activated the investment site of ca. 30 hectares around the BCC at the same time. All the road investments, fully funded by the investor, were granted to the City of Kraków. The investor’s expenditure for this purpose was 16.1 million EUR.

How to get to the Center




Access by bus

You will conveniently reach Bonarka by one of the public bus lines no. 144, 164, 169, 173, 174, 179 and 184.


Coming from the city center, take the lines 144, 164, 169, 173 or 179 southbound and get off at the “Bonarka” or “Puszkarska” stop (line 164).


Coming from the vicinity of Prokocim, choose line 144, 173 or 184 and get off at the “Bonarka” stop.


Coming from Kurdwanów or Wola Duchacka, choose line 164, 169, 174 or 179 and get off at the “Bonarka” or “Puszkarska” stop (line 164).



Access by car

Coming from the center or south of Cracow head for Kamieńskiego street.


Coming from Huta Sendzimira, exit to Kamieńskiego from Aleja Powstańców Śląskich.


Coming from Kurdwanów, turn into Puszkarska in front of the bus depot.


Driving the A4 motorway, take the “Łagiewniki” exit and then, going along Turowicza street, take the “CH Bonarka” exit heading to Przyjaźni Polsko-Węgierskiej street.



Commercial space leasing.

If you are interested in leasing of commercial space in Bonarka City Center please contact us.








Main leasing contact:



Media contact


Marek Thorz
tel. 504 108 936









Cracow  May 15th, 2020.

Bonarka has been supporting the Cracow Health Service in the fight against coronavirus with great commitment for over 2 months. The Shopping Center donated a total of thousands of masks, several hundreds of helmets, protective suits, disinfectant fluid, as well as packages with drinks and healthy food for medical staff to 5 hospitals and the Ambulance Service in Krakow.

Read more (Polish):
Szpitale dziękują Bonarce za „Bezcenny dar”


Recent press releases (Polish):

Otwarcie butiku Kiehl’s w Bonarce.

Znana influencerka „Sukanek” spotka się z fanami w Bonarce.

Kasia Magiera odwiedzi Bonarkę.

Jeszcze więcej mody w Bonarce. Otwarcie sklepu Greenpoint

Peek & Cloppenburg wraca do Bonarki.

Bonarka has been supporting the Cracow Health Service in the fight against coronavirus with great commitment for over 2 months. The Shopping Center donated a total of thousands of masks, several hundreds of helmets, protective suits, disinfectant fluid, as well as packages with drinks and healthy food for medical staff to 5 hospitals and the Ambulance Service in Krakow.

At the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Poland, the Krakow Health Service gained a very valuable ally – Bonarka. The Center has developed and implemented an original program of comprehensive support.
Its goal was to equip medical facilities with the lacking medical products. Bonarka works according to the idea of ​​the #GaleriesOpenToHelp action, which unites shopping centers to effectively help the industry fight coronavirus It is worth to mention that Bonarka was the only mall in Krakow to take care of five hospitals and emergency ambulance service. The center has become a leader in aid in the region.
Bonarka supported 6 medical centers in Krakow: the Krakow Specialist Hospital John Paul
II, Józef Dietl Specialist Hospital, Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital , University Hospital, University Children’s Hospital and an Emergency Ambulance Service.
In total, the Center donated almost 2,000 protective masks (fibrin and FFP2 types), almost 500
visors, 100 certified overalls, disinfectant, as well as packs of healthy food and drinks.
Materials provided by Bonarka are an important element of the personal protection of our medical staff – says dr hab. med. Szymon Skoczeń from the Children’s University Hospital in Krakow. Thank you very much for handing over such a priceless gift.

Bonarka’s aid is even more valuable because it contains medical supplies that are currently very difficult to access. Their number is also limited – adds Danuta Gilarska, President of the  KOLIBER Association for Children with Cancer. The Bonarka’s program was implemented in four stages from March to May. During this time, medical facilities involved in the fight against coronavirus were successfully reequiped. Donated medical products and packages with healthy food have contributed to increasing the comfort and safety of patients and medical staff. Bonarka’s activities are a model example of business responsibility for the local community.


Please find below our regulations:

Regulations for Bonarka City Center


Opening hours

Sun - Thu 10 AM - 8 PM
Fri - Sat 10 AM - 8 PM
Mon - Fri 6:30 AM - 10 PM
Saturday 7 AM - 10 PM
Sunday 8 AM - 9 PM
Everyday from 9:30 AM till last movie

Bonarka Shopping Center


Kamieńskiego 11

30-644 Cracow, Poland


e-mail: info@bonarkacitycenter.pl,

Tel. +48 12 298 60 00

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Shopping mall Office


09:00 – 17:00 (Mon-Fri)

Tel. +48 12 298 60 01

Fax. +48 12 298 60 02



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Main media contact:



Main leasing contact:



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