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Before Christmas – as every year – we expect increased traffic in our center. Here are some advice not from the parade so that you feel safe and comfortable while shopping, and remember them fondly. Parades, so that you feel safe and comfortable while shopping, and remember them fondly.

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  1. First off That is: Distance – Disinfection – Face mask. We are still preventing the spread of the pandemic, and this is the basic set of preventive measures. Please follow them. Disinfect your hands, cover your nose and mouth, keep a distance (preferably 1.5 m). Bonarka is large and has well-designed, spacious passages. Thanks to this, you will feel safer with us than in many other public places and it will be easier to avoid the crowds. For the forgetful, free masks are available in the sApport application or at the info point.
  2. For the second course we have a message: planning counts. Plan to come to Bonarka. Make a list of items or gifts you want to buy and stores you plan to visit. You will have time for spontaneous pleasures such as coffee or something delicious.
  3. Advice third : take your time. Do not be in a hurry and do not squeeze your purchases into the busy schedule of the day just yet. In such a distraction race, it is easier to lose valuable personal belongings.
  4. After four : Happy face when relaxed hour 😉 Try to avoid rush hours and choose less crowded shopping times, e.g. before 15:00 from Monday to Thursday or take advantage of the center’s additional opening hours. On 20-23.12 Bonarka will be open until 10:00 p.m. Follow the news on our website, and check the current working hours of some stores or entertainment venues that may work at non-standard times (e.g. Auchan, cinema, spider exhibition).
  5. And in the fifth car … you’re not tailed. Our car parks, while spacious, are not made of rubber. So think about whether it is better to go to us by public transport. You will be eco and avoid looking for a free parking space. Or maybe you will find a convenient railway connection? Especially if you live south of Krakow. The renovated Kraków Bonarka station is right next to us! More and more trains stop there.
  6. Pro-tip for six : don’t touch! Especially unpackaged food. Also, try to pay by contactless payment.
  7. No plastic like … in  the seventh You may have noticed that we are running a campaign under the slogan Don’t be plastic! We encourage customers to eliminate plastic with it. Please also think about this when shopping. Come to us with a multiple bag, your own mug (e.g. for coffee), limit the packaging of food, e.g. fruit, in plastic bags. It will make everyone on Earth more pleasant 😉

How do we provide with the safety?

Safety measures taken by Bonarka:


We want you to feel safe and comfortable with us, which is why we conduct a number of activities:

🔸we placed dispensers with disinfectant liquid on all entrances to the center and to the toilets,

🔸we maintain increased disinfection,

🔸we regularly ozonize toilets,

🔸we systematically ventilate the mall,

🔸we marked the floors in the center to make it easier for you to keep the required distances,

🔸 We have prepared a number of tips that will help you stay safe.



Safety Nobel for Bonarka

Safety at the Center


Bonarka was the first and only shopping mall in Poland to receive the COVID-19 Certificate of Conformity, obtaining very high marks. The Swedish organization SAFE Shopping Centers honored the center for complying with the highest world safety standards during the pandemic.

Due to the epidemiological situation in Poland, Bonarka yet at the beginning of March took comprehensive measures to increase security on its area. The centre’s effort was recognized internationally. Bonarka is the first and so far the only retail facility in Poland to be awarded the COVID-19 Certificate of Conformity awarded by SAFE Shopping Centers.

SAFE Shopping Centers is an independent institution that supports shopping centers around the world in the field of safety and crisis advisory. It closely cooperates with with the Nordic Council of Shopping Centers and the Polish Council of Shopping Centers. The COVID-19 Certificate of Conformity it issues is a guarantee that the shopping mall will comply with the highest safety standards during a pandemic.


During the certification by the SAFE Shopping Centers, the security measures implemented in Bonarka were carefully analyzed by a group of international experts. Security in the center received very high marks. SAFE Shopping Centers confirms with its authority that Bonarka is a safe place where customers can shop without fear. No other gallery in Krakow offers a similar guarantee.

The safety of customers and users of the center has always been our priority – says Jakub Zdebelak, Director of the Bonarka Shopping Center  After the announcement of the epidemiological threat in Poland, we immediately implemented a program adapting the facility to the new challenges. Our customers appreciate our actions very much. The COVID-19 Certificate of Conformity only confirms our belief that our customers can safely shop with us.

Bonarka cares about safety on two levels – both sanitary and hygienic as well as information. Disinfection and ventilation of common areas and ozonation of toilets are regularly carried out on its premises. Every day, before opening and after closing, disinfection is performed with the use of electrostatic sprayers, which significantly increase the effectiveness of these treatments. On the foodcourt area, 2-meter spacing between the tables was introduced and additional disinfection of restaurant tables and trays after the completion of each customer’s visit using specialized means.
A new in Bonarka are innovative dispensers for disinfecting hands. The solutions used in them enable contactless collection of fluid, which additionally increases the comfort and safety of their use. Dispensers are located in the passages and in the foodcourt.
The sanitary and hygienic procedures are complemented by the information campaign #SafetyattheCenter. Its characteristic feature are smiling emoticons in masks, which remind customers to follow safety rules, including covering the mouth and nose and keeping a distance of at least 2 m from the other person.
Happy smileys also wish you a tasty meal on the freshly disinfected tables.


During the pandemic, Bonarka takes all precautionary measures to asure the highest level of safety for its clustomers and employees. Adheres to the best international practices and standards. The COVID-19 Certificate of Conformity issued by SAFE Shopping Centers confirms that the center is perfectly prepared to operate in the new conditions.

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